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Buon giorno everyone, 

Today I’m writing my blog from Brinidsi in Italy.  I’ve been thinking about the effects of different hormones (not surprisingly in a country full of Latin lovers!)  But specifically the hormones we share with our babies during pregnancy.

  As I’m sure you know, hormones are moved around our bodies in the blood stream and so our babies naturally feel the effects of these as we do.  Let’s think first about how we feel when other things are in our blood stream, alcohol for example.  The advice is not to drink during pregnancy – drunk Mummy = drunk Baby!  We can easily control that, if we don’t drink alcohol in pregnancy.  BUT what about our normal everyday lives?  We can’t avoid things like stress altogether can we.

 So let’s think about what we could do to balance out the stress hormones (adrenalin).  Learning to notice stress and then immediately breathe well, relax and release endorphins (the feel good hormones) and relax is SO important, especially when pregnant.  The techniques to do this are easily learned and studies have shown that when practiced we are actually able to teach our babies (in utero) that after stress comes calm.  This leads to babies settling easily once born, because when they feel bad they expect to feel better soon.  It also leads to these children being brave even when feeling a little fear and adrenalin, because they trust that it’s always ok pretty soon after the stressful feeling.

 Don’t you just love science and the gifts available to help us take some control over the way it affects our lives and the lives of our children too?

 Relax and have a Hypnobaby, Hypnobirthworks!

 Best wishes


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