New Year, New Plans!

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Hello, Happy New Year!

I don't know how you approached Christmas this year?  Lots of you reading this will have arrived at your first Christmas as parents, a very exciting and life changing one for you lot, congratulations, another of the many firsts that you will enjoy this year.  For others it may have meant early nights and a distinct lack of alcohol!  (all in a good cause though!)

For me it was unexpectedly delightful.  I was full of a horrid fluey cold thing in the run up to Christmas and just couldn't do much to prepare. As you may know I even had to cancel my coffee morning!  Not done lightly I do assure you, simply couldn't hand those germs on to you lovelies.

In the end there were parties and family and musical farewell's to Beauchamp Avenue as we have sold are house and are ready to move at the end of January - only around the corner don't worry!

If 2014 saw you achieving the birth you had planned and worked for I am delighted for you.  If it saw you work with birth circumstances that weren't what you had dreamed of but nevertheless saw you bring your baby into the world safely and the best way possible on the day then I applaud you.  There is such joy in bringing a new baby into the world, well supported and with the knowledge you need to navigate the amazing journey from bump to baby.

I look forward to seeing you all in 2015 when you can make it to the coffee mornings.  Please keep your reccomendations coming so that we can spread the word and help many more women to achieve the best birth possible.  Calm, confident, excited mums and dads who look forward to the birth of their baby's birth.

Very special best wishes for the new year.

Victoria xx

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