Midwives and Hypnobirthing

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I've often been asked questions in my classes about how the Midwives feel about couples Hypnobirthing.  It's an interesting one.  Midwives are there to keep the mother and the baby safe.  To help mums to bring their babies into the world as easily as possible.  They have to deal with lots of different couples each week, each having a slightly different idea about how their birth might play out, all will different likes and dislikes which they try to accomodate. 

In class we write a birth plan to show to the caregivers who are there to support us.  From talking to the midwives and Doulas that I meet I can tell you that they love to watch a couple calmly getting on with birth.  It's often these primal births, where the parents feel confident about whats going on and their roll in lalbour, that keep these busy birth professionals working even when the stress levels for them are high.

The Midwives I have spoken to talk of being in awe of what a woman's body can do when she is unhindered by fear.  Take a look at this clip where The Wise Hippo are talking to Midwives.

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