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So today I woke up to a big white world.  It has snowed massively overnight and the world looks very different.  As I took all of this in it occurred to me that depending on how you felt about the snow today, your day could look absolutely bloody amazing or completely horrid or scary.  This got me thinking that actually this could be applied to how people feel about labour and birth.

Now you might be sitting there thinking, ‘come on Victoria that’s a bit of a stretch’, and I will tell you why it made absolute sense to me.  If you take the attitude that this situation has been started without you in control, there is very little you can do to influence the white stuff and where or how it falls, then you can relax and see what’s the best action to take.   You might have to make a journey and in that case you would make sure that people knew where you were going, you had a warm drink with you, warm clothes, wellies, blanket, maybe a shovel and definitely a charged phone. You would probably have checked the route with the AA and the weather forecast too.  You’d set out feeling as prepared as possible, knowing that you had roadside assistance should you need it but driving with awareness of what you could do, should things change from your initial plan.  Any decisions you made would be with safety at the top of the list, but as much joy as possible along the way, after all, we don’t get snow every day in the UK and it is pretty magical.


Now let’s think about how that way of thinking applies to labour, birth and having a baby.  It’s a really good idea to plan ahead, to work out what needs learning, doing, buying.  Knowing what to do should things differ from your plans and choosing that great team to help should you need them to help get you all to safety.

Some people will have woken up to that snowy day feeling afraid of what their boss might say about them not being able to get to work, or thinking that when everyone comes in from playing in the snow that will make more washing or cleaning.  I would like you to think about that and know that the way you prepare you mind for these unknowns is really important.  At any moment you can make a choice to see things with a positive light, (yay snow men and sledging!) or a negative one (Oh God my plans will have to change and I hate change).  I teach pregnant women and their partners some pretty awesome techniques to help them to achieve the right birth on the day.  Birth is one of the few things in life that we really can’t control, but with the skills I teach you can learn to control how you react to them, and that is likely to give you a birth to look back on with joy for many years to come.

With Christmas in mind and a joyful snowy feeling all over me, I would like to offer a special treat to you all!  Any one booking an introductory Relax Breathe and Birth session for the New Year and paid for before the end of December will be able to purchase this for £25 instead of the normal price of £30.  Anyone booking a full Birthing Programme before the end of December will save £25 if the deposit is paid before the end of December.  Feel free to spread the word, let’s get some more chilled babies and happy parents in the world in the New Year.

Happy Christmas everyone, it looks like 2018 is going to be an exciting one!


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